Vivendi UR®


Heterologous graft with L-Hydro® treatment.

Heterologous graft of bovine pericardium with L-Hydro® treatment. This treatment does not contain aldehydes and provides a natural feel with flexibility and suturability. The L-Hydro® treatment, in addition to having demonstrated non-calcifying properties, also preserves the natural structure and its mechanical characteristics, and confers biocompatibility and greater durability to the product.

ANVISA registration number: 10171250038

Membrana livre de aldeído urologia reconstrutora Vivendi UR

L-Hydro Technology®

Tissue treatment with 100% aldehyde free technology.

Vivendi UR® is part of the new generation of Labcor products, preserved by L-Hydro® technology. This new preservation process presents the recipient organism with a non-cellular matrix very similar to native tissue. In addition, it allows cell growth to be carried out under the conditions in which the tissue would perform its functions.

tratamento de membrana com tecnologia L-Hydro livre de aldeído


  • 18×10 cm (180 cm²)
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm +- 0.05 mm
  • Tensile Strength: ≥ 10MPa (75.000 mmHg)
  • Carefully selected bovine membrane;
  • Reduced antigenicity and cytotoxicity;
  • Non-thrombogenic surface;
  • Durable and flexible tissue;
  • Excellent anastomosis and hemostasis.