Valved Inorganic Graft


INSTAR is a unique graft, the result of the union of the exclusive low porosity polyester conduit and the Dokimos Plus aortic prosthesis, treated with Reducer®, a calcium mitigating process. The very low porosity polyester enables excellent hemostasis and its texture facilitates anastomosis.

The biological option for Bentall-De Bono surgery:

  • Inorganic conduit with biological valve;
  • Excellent hemostasis;
  • Excellent anastomosis result;
  • Does not require pre-coagulation.

ANVISA registration number: 10171250029

Instar enxerto inorgânico valvado biológico


REDUCER® mitigating calcium treatment

The Reducer® treatment reduces the incidence of calcification, optimizing the cross-linking during treatment with a highly purified and polymerized solution, in addition to reducing antigenicity and lipid content with the use of ethanol and surfactant and not subjecting the tissue to fixation stress (pressure zero) while preserving its structural integrity.

Bioburden reduction preserves collagen and reduces antigenicity.

Zero Pressure Fixation keeps the tissue structure more resilient and elastic.

Lipid reduction with ethanol + surfactant.

Cross-link optimization, reducing free aldehydes with pH control and heat treatment with polymerized solution.


  • 19*, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29

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