Cardiovascular Artery Graft


Biological graft derived from bovine mesenteric arteries. Its implant considerably reduces the risk of infection in the patient.

  • Preserves the natural characteristic of biological tissue;
  • Excellent flexibility;
  • Excellent anastomotic edge coaptation.

ANVISA registration number: 10171250026

Enxerto coranariano cardiovascular corograft

Tecnologia L-Hydro®

Tissue treatment with 100% aldehyde free technology.

Corograft is part of the new generation of Labcor products, preserved by the exclusive L-Hydro® technology. This new preservation process presents the recipient organism with a non-cellular matrix very similar to native tissue. In addition, it allows cell growth to be carried out under the conditions in which the tissue would perform its functions.

tratamento de membrana com tecnologia L-Hydro livre de aldeído


  • 150 mm ø distal: 3 mm

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