Dear distributors,

The lack of a purchasing schedule for our portfolio is detrimental to the service provided to all our customers. In view of the difficulties inherent in this whole process, we need to reaffirm the importance of everyone's participation in filling in the Forecast spreadsheet BELOW.

We will give priority to customers who have a forecast.

Those who have already sent us the Forecast (until December 2022), we need you to project until October 2023.

Please send the completed Forecast file up to October 2023 to Rodrigo by e-mail:

If you have any questions about this, you can also contact Rodrigo on his cell phone (21) 98241-0666.

We are counting on everyone's cooperation!

Post Marketing Surveillance

Post-marketing surveillance.

Labcor's Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) is carried out by researching and reviewing the scientific literature on equivalent products, and by post-marketing clinical follow-up, as well as monitoring adverse events and customer complaints.

Don't forget to ask the client for their details, or to instruct them to fill in all the information about the events and implants they have had.

Transportation and storage of products

For care during transportation and storage of products. See the good safety practices for preserving product quality below.

Product folders

Updating registration and contact information.

Keep your e-mail and contact information up to date.

Questions on this subject can also be addressed with ...

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