Aortic TLPB Supra

Porcine aortic valve bioprosthesis


The TLPB porcine heart valve bioprosthesis developed by Labcor preserves the leaflet’s natural characteristics with its tricomposition and low-profile design. The DURANOL fixation process that ensures tissue stability with calcium mitigating properties (1) and years of experience in manufacturing and tissue engineering (Since 1984) make TLPB an excellent choice for valve replacement.

ANVISA registration number: 10171250023

Prótese biológica cardíaca TLPB válvula Aórtico e Mitral


DURANOL Calcium Mitigating Treatment

Bioburden reduction preserves collagen and reduces antigenicity.

Zero Pressure Fixation keeps the tissue structure more resilient and elastic.

Reduction of lipids with ethanol.(1)

Cross-link optimization, reducing free aldehydes with pH control and heat treatment with polymerized solution.

1- Flemeng, W. et al. Factors influencing calcification of cardiac bioprostheses in adolescent sheep. The J. of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Vol. 132, July 2006,89-98


  • 19A, 21A, 23A, 25A, 27A, 29A
  • Excellent hemodynamics, resulting from the largest effective orifice. Obtained with a thorough cleaning and removal of excess muscles from the leaflets;
  • Excellent coaptation and leaflet symmetry due to careful selection of individual leaflets.
  • Allows only contacting biological tissue with the prosthesis cusps;
  • Minimizes the possibility of abrasion of leaflets in the open position.
  • Tubular “Tissue” type polyester coated stent, with auxiliary suture markings;
  • Low-profile stent with projection in the aorta of 6 to 9 mm;
  • Reduces potential interference in the coronary artery.
  • Soft and strong suture ring made of radiopaque silicone (titanium dioxide).
  • The TLPB-A Supra suture ring is positioned at the inflow base of the stent;
  • The supra-annular implant allows the choice of at least one larger size over the intra-annular implant, with a larger internal orifice and better performance.
Prótese biológica cardíaca TLPB válvula Aórtico e Mitral