Dokimos® Plus AORTIC

Bovine Aortic Pericardium Cardiac Prosthesis


For the last 20 years, the Domos Plus cardiac bioprosthesis has been implanted in cardiac surgery centers in Brazil and abroad. During this period Dokimos Plus has demonstrated its excellent result with performance, both mounted on the outside and by its REDUCER® mitigating calcium treatment.

Reg. Anvisa: 10171250041

Prótese biológica válvula cardíaca Dokimos Aórtica e Mitral


REDUCER® mitigating calcium treatment

Bioburden reduction preserves collagen and reduces antigenicity.

Zero Pressure Fixation keeps the tissue structure more resilient and elastic.

Lipid reduction with ethanol + surfactant.

Cross-link optimization, reducing free aldehydes with pH control and heat treatment with polymerized solution.


  • 19A; 21A; 23A; 25A; 27A; 
  • Valve height optimizes coaptation area and reduces potential prolapse or regurgitation;
  • Offers wide coronary distance.
  • The design allows full opening and excellent blood flow;
  • Higher OAE compared to other forms of pericardium;
  • Tissue thickness ensures reduced potential for prolapse and fatigue resistance;
  • Supraannular implant, better hemodynamic performance.
  • Special and exclusive selection of the pericardium in terms of thickness, fibers, structure and strength and strength;
  • Leaflets designed exclusively for each size seeking to optimize flow and coaptation.
  • Allow only biological tissue contact with the prosthesis cusps;
  • Minimizes the possibility of abrasion of leaflets in the open position.
  • Copolymer tabbing stents;
  • Polyester coated stent.
  • Soft and resistant suture ring made of radiopaque silicone (titanium dioxide).
Prótese biológica válvula cardíaca Dokimos Aórtica e Mitral