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 Perigraft - Vascular Graft L-Hydro

Arterial vascular grafts derived from bovine mesenteric arteries of various sizes. Works as a substitute for blood vessels of varying caliber and are blocked or semi-blocked by various diseases, especially atherosclerosis.

Its implantation reduces considerably the patient infection risk.

  • Preserves the natural characteristic of the biological tissue;
  • Excellent flexibility;
  • Excellent coadaptation of the anastomotic edge;
  • Enables implants that cross the kness joints.

Size: 450mm

Diameter: 3mm

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Tecnologia L-Hydro

Fundaments of the L-Hydro Process

- Present to the receiving organism an acellular matrix very similar to the natural one;
- Allow the cell growth to take place under the conditions in which the graft exercises its function. Thus, not only the collagen matrix would be identified as stimulated, but also the physiological conditions in which the graft is found, avoiding the intensive work and time spent with the traditional tissue engineering.

L-Hydro Preservation Process

- Moderate extraction of antigenic substances.
- Concealing the antigens not extracted by an activated polyglycolic agent.
- Moderated chemical process to stimulate the reduction of components that induce inflammatory responses in the receiver.
- Incorporation of a non-steroid anti-inflammatory agent.
- Incorporation of the anti-thrombogenic agent.
- Chemical sterilization with hydrogen peroxide.


To Learn more, click here and download a full presentation (PDF) about L-Hydro.

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Vascular Graft L-Hydro
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