Tissue engineering

Tissue Supply

Labcor has the logistical capacity to capture bovine and porcine tissues, more specifically heart valves, blood vessels and pericardium. And carry out different preservation treatments, those owned by Labcor or specified by costumer. All tissues collected by Labcor the are collected in slaughterhouses certified by Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil under federal inspection and strict environmental and operational conditions.


With 40 years of experience in production of cardiovascular bioprosthesis and development of market consolidated products, such as TAVI and other technologies, it qualifies Labcor to contribute for development of new products from its conception to prototyping and manufacturing. All strictly following international standards and under ISO 13485:2016 certification.


Installed in a physical area of more  than 3000m² and 750m²  classified Clean Room, it has operational manufacturing capacity of more than 1500 products per month. Labcor offers the o opportunity for  OEM model services, whether to not associated  with incorporation  of Labcor components, in addition to services for regulatory, engineering, microbiological testing and validations.