Founded in 1984, Labcor is a world-renowned company that specializes in the manufacturing of biological prosthesis. Located in Belo Horizonte/Brazil, the company is a national leader in the supply of cardiovascular Bioprosthesis and has already achieved over 150.000 implants of its hearts valves throughout the world.

Labcor, which annually produces in excess of 6,000 heart valves and grafts, is present throughout Brazil and has offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, as well as representatives or distributors in other capital cities. Today the company exports its products to several countries such as Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Colombia,France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal and other markets throughout the region and Asia.

Ever since Labcor produced it first heart valve, the company has been developing cardiovascular and vascular implantable devices.This experience has allowed the company to develop a portfolio rich in biotechnological products.

Today, Labcor is in the vanguard of scientific research in the development and improvements bioprosthetic devices, scientifically searching for solutions to save more lives.

Our researchersshare their knowledge and discoveries of their clinical tests by publishing in specialized periodicals and medical conventions, which makes Labcor one of the most outstanding cardiovascular companies in this sector.

By validating joint efforts to implement total quality, Labcor has received certification for Good Practices in Medical Products Manufacturing (GMP) granted by Anvisa, and the ISO 13485:2003 accredited by international associations. We are always under detailed evaluations and constantly perfecting our products in order to create hope for a more healthy life for the patients that receive them.

All of Labcor’s efforts, together with the quality of the manufacturing environment and the commitment of its employees make our products an ideal alternative for the patient. With dedication and integrity we have made our work more dignifying and endorse our commitment to life.

Research center

The Labcor Research Center has received the ISO 9001 certification and today performs an important role in testing prostheses and in technical development of experimental cardiovascular and vascular surgeries, which makes it a reference center in Latin America.

Research work is extremely important for technical qualification in cardiovascular surgery. The Research Center offers surgeons training in innovative techniques, evaluation of new technologies, material and design, as well as conducting tests in vivo and in vitro. Diverse types of laboratory exams are also conducted to facilitate the results and to confirm them with total reliability.

In order to develop all of these research and training activities, the center has a modern infrastructure, qualified personnel and agile and decentralized management. The research area has modern laboratories and well equipped, two surgical centers, pre and post-operative rooms and a biologist responsible for raising animals for the research conducted.

All of the studies developed by the Labcor Research Center comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements.


As validation of the joint efforts involved in total quality implementation, Labcor has been awarded the Good Manufacturing Practices for Medical Products (GMP) granted by Anvisa and the ISO 13485:2016 accreditation for international entities, in addition to being the sole company in this sector in Latin America to have the CE Mark for diverse products.


What is Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices?

Good Manufacturing Practices includes a set of measures that should be adopted by the industries to control possible sources of contamination, thus ensuring product safety and quality.


What is ISO 13485:2016?

The ISO 13485:2016 is an international norm that enables organizations to implement a Quality Management System directed toward the medical device industry by establishing a policy of quality, controls and risk management.


What is the CE Mark?

The CE Mark is a certification that gives products a guarantee of quality in order to be sold or exported to the European market.